Innovation Is the Fabric of Success

This industry has suffered from major falls in revenue and establishment numbers. The hopes of this industry are pinned on the development of new and innovative finished fabrics. Different printed patterns, new fabrics, embossing, new denims and other products, can increase downstream demand. The emphasis on the finishing mills to develop new products, in order to supply the market with niche products in a timely manner, should ensure growth and continued profitability into the future.

Textile Fabrics

This industry is made up of operators who finish of textiles, fabrics, yarn, thread and apparel. It also includes converters who buy fabric goods in the gray, have them finished on contract and sell at wholesale. Finishing operations include: bleaching, dyeing, printing (rolling, screen, flock, plisse), stonewashing and other mechanical finishing, such as preshrinking, shrinking, sponging, calendaring, mercerizing, and napping; as well as cleaning, scouring, and the preparation of natural fibers and raw stock. The Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills Industry in the US mainly finishes textiles, fabrics and yarns of purchased fabric or on a commission and contract basis. Fabrics can be broad woven or knitted. The industry supplies textile mills, downstream apparel manufacturers, wholesale fabric outlets and retail fabric stores.

The major products and services covered in this market research report are:
Broad woven fabric finishing, manmade fiber and silk - purchased
Broad woven fabric finishing, cotton - purchased
Knit fabric finishing - purchased
Broad woven fabric finishing, cotton - commission
Yarn and narrow fabric finishing - purchased and commission
Broad woven fabric finishing, manmade fiber and silk - commission
Finishing of purchased garments and hosiery
Other fabric finishing
Finishing of warp and weft knit fabrics commission

The primary activities of companies in this industry are:
Bleaching textile fibers, thread, yarn and fabrics (including clothing)
Mercerizing of textile fabrics
Printing on textile fabrics
Scouring and combing textile fibers
Shrinking textile fabrics and clothing
Dyeing clothing
Dyeing textile fibers, thread, yarn or fabrics
Stonewashing textile fabrics and apparel
Thread bleaching, dyeing and finishing

Textile Fabrics

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