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Winter hats need to keep you warm so they need to be made from fabrics that have good insulation properties. Place a piece of fleece fabric over the back of your hand and it will soon start to feel warm. This is because the heat from your hand warms up the air that is between the fibres and yarns inside the fleece fabric. Fleece fabric is a knitted fabric that has been brushed to make the surface fluffy. This is called the pile. Fleece fabric is stretchy because it is a knitted fabric Different types of fleece fabric have different amounts of stretch; different parts of your product may need to be stretched more than other parts. It is important that you choose a sewing machine stitch that will stretch where the hat needs to stretch.

Right side of my fleece

Some fleece fabric only has pile on one side. On double-sided fleece fabric look carefully to see which side looks the fluffiest. If you are using patterned fleece the design will look fuzzy on the wrong side. The top layer of fleece stretched when I was sewing it! You need to use pins to hold the layers of fleece together. If you put the pins at right angles to the direction you are sewing you can sew over them. Safety tip take care to sew very slowly as you go over a pin. If you go too fast and the needle hits the pin it could break off and fly up. The ends of my stitching are coming undone! Always start and end a seam with about three reverse stitches to stop this happening.

Fleece fabric is a popular choice for garments industry. Fleece fabric is available in not only different colors and patterns, but also in different types of fleece. Knowing the different types of fleece will make choosing the right fabric for a sewing project or for clothing an easy task.

Faux-sherpa closely resembles wool and is normally used to line coats and as decorative trim.

Polar fleece is the most common type of fleece. It is frequently made from polyester or other synthetic fabrics and is light and warm.

Microfiber is a low-pile fleece. It is lightweight and is commonly used in the production of hats, scarves and gloves.

Wind-blocking fleece is wind and water resistant. Outdoor apparel is commonly made from wind-blocking fleece.

Berber fleece is the least warm of all fleeces. It is medium-pile and is popularly used in the clothing manufacturing industry as a lining.

Performance fleece is a light fabric commonly used to make active wear and pajamas.

fleece fabrics

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